Top 5 Cottage Garden Perennials

I love cottage gardens. There’s real beauty in a garden that looks so natural and gives the impression it has existed forever. You can get away with a little untidiness in a cottage garden, no formal rows or specific designs are needed. Just a hodgepodge of beautiful plants in various colours, shapes and sizes all packed together in a flower border. If you only have a little space for planting flowers, a cottage garden style is ideal if you love buying a variety of plants and want a splash of multicolour.

A Perennial is a plant that lives for 2 or more years. With a little maintenance, your plants should return for years to come and become better established with each passing summer. Just make sure you give them enough room to grow!

Whilst there are hundreds of plants that suit a cottage garden, I have listed my top 5 perennials for cottage gardens.

These plants make me romanticise of old cottages, thatched roofs, flint wall and white picket fences.


This is a pretty obvious choice, but for a good reason. Roses come in a variety of colours and varieties including climbing, standard, bush and rambling. If you want some colour outside your front door, go for a climbing variety and train it around the frame.

photograph of a pink rose


Try planting lavender by a pathway or door so it releases it’s beautiful fragrance when you brush against it. The bees love it too, so it’s a great plant for attracting them to your garden.

photograph of a lavender plant in full bloom


These plants come in a variety of colours and produce a beautiful amass of flowers throughout the summer. They are quite hardy and grow quickly so you’ll get beautiful results from this plant practically straight away.

photograph of a purple geranium


The bell like flowers on a Penstemon will keep coming all summer long and right into autumn. I love them for this reason. You can find them in an array vibrant colours too.

photograph of a deep pink penstemon plant

Box Hedge

You may be wondering why I have chosen something that is usually considered quite formal in my top 5, but for me, the box hedge provides a bit of control around the edges in my crazy cottage garden. Not only does a box hedge provide a border, you can plant them alone and trim into any shape you desire. Find the topiary artist within you!

photograph of a well matured box hedge

Do you have a favourite cottage plant? Share with me in the comments below.

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