Top 5 Annual Flowers For Your Garden

The garden is pretty much in full bloom now, I love this time of year when everything is so colourful!

If you have little spaces you want to fill with a burst of colour then annual flowers are just what you need! I have made a list of my top 5 annual flowers.

As the name suggests, annuals will last one season and need to be replaced the following year. Quite a few perennials are grown as annuals in the UK, this is due to the lack of optimum growing conditions required for these plants to survive another year. Some of the plants on my list are, therefore, technically perennials.

The great thing about these short lived plants is that you can change your design and colour theme year on year.

Find a sunny spot, keep them watered and remove the dead flowers and these plants will give you a great display all summer long.


These come in an array of beautiful colours and can be compact or trailing. This makes them great for all different places in the garden, from flower beds to window boxes. The trailing Surfinia variety makes an especially good hanging basket display.

photograph of petunia flower


These bushy plants will sometimes be referred to as geraniums. You can find varieties that will tolerate some shade so they’re great if your garden isn’t in full sun. You can even take cuttings of these plants at the end of the season and grow them on for the following year.

photograph of pelargonium flower


You can find both compact and trailing varieties of these plants, they are particularly useful for those little in between spaces. Lobelia looks great in a rockery setting, trailing down the side of a hanging basket or even with a few of them planted in a container.

photograph of lobelia flower


With their stunning daisy like flowers and tolerance of even poor soil, these are great for a beginner. Cosmos add colour and interest between plants in a bed or border and they attract butterflies too!

photograph of cosmos flower


There are many different varieties of verbena both trailing and compact. Butterflies love them and they are drought tolerant which means they won’t mind too much if you forget to water them for a day or two.

photograph of verbena flower

There are literally hundreds of annuals you can try in your garden so experiment with the ones you like.

Share your favourites annual flowers with me in the comments below.

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