Finally we are getting a few sporadic sunny days and Spring is here and I hear the faint noise of lawn mowers starting up all over the neighbourhood. Here’s a few things you can keep busy with in the garden in March.

hand holding bean seeds

Buy your seeds for the year

I always love a shopping project and buying seeds is one of my favourite things to do at this time of year as I look forward to the summer. I can help you plan ahead with my simple garden year planner and take your time to research the best plants that will do well in your garden. Very soon, lots of beautiful annual plants can be sown directly into the soil when the weather warms up, which makes for an easy project.

lawnmower on grass

Mow the lawn

The first lawn mow of the year is so satisfying! There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly cut spring grass. Choose a dry day and raise the blade a little on your mower for the first few mows.

pink cosmos flowers

Buy some bedding plants

If you have somewhere warm to keep them, buying bedding plants whilst they’re still small is a good way to save money. Keep them in the warm and grow them on. You can transfer them gradually outside as the weather gets warmer and the risk of frost has passed.

cucumber plant

Begin to sow greenhouse vegetables

You can begin to grow tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers from seed now. Take a look at my guide to growing planting seeds here to help get you started.

boy holding seed potato

Plant Early Potatoes

If you have some early varieties of seed potatoes, you can begin to plant them outside now. See my guide to planting potatoes here.

Have you managed to get out in the garden much this year? Share in the comments, the plans for your garden this Spring.

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