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Planning Your Vegetable and Fruit Patch For The Year

With the winter weather, there is only so much to enjoy out in the garden and to be honest, I would much rather be inside right now! I still want to feel like I am doing something positive for my little garden and this time of year is a great time to begin planning your growing season and deciding what to grow with a yearly planner.

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Planting Your Own Salads and Lettuces

Today we have been busy planting salads in the Garden.

If you get impatient with gardening and like to see some results quickly, try growing some salad! You can have a plate of freshly grown salad leaves in as little as 4 weeks! How great is that!

Planting Salad leaves is so easy! And guess what?! They’ll grow in the tiniest of spaces too! A little pot or box by your back door or on the balcony is all you need!

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