Preparing Your Vegetable Patch For Spring

Timing is the most important factor in a successful year in your vegetable patch. Everything must be done at the right time of the year, which unfortunately makes for a build-up of work over the spring and summer and time to spare during autumn and winter. To give yourself a more relaxing return to the garden this year, here are our tips on how to prepare your allotment for spring. 

Repair any damage

If the weather has been particularly harsh this winter, this is the perfect time to repair any damage that’s been caused in preparation for next year’s growth. If you have raised borders in your allotment, the sodden winter soil can often cause the supporting timbers to be moved or even rot, so make sure to check them for any damage before you plant them up again. You should also take this opportunity to check fences and sheds for any sign of weather damage, and consider giving them a fresh coat of paint or varnish if you think they need it.

Get your greenhouse ready

In a few months, your greenhouse is going to be full of seedlings and cuttings getting a head start before you plant them in the ground. To give them the best possible growing environment, make sure to sterilise the bench spaces and the inside of the glass with a garden disinfectant. Make sure to do a thorough job of this, as overwintering pests and diseases thrive in hard-to-reach places. You should also take this opportunity to wash your pots and seed trays in warm soapy water to help fight bacterial build up.

Plan the year’s growth and order seeds, bulbs, and tubers

Planning is an essential part of running a successful allotment, and this is a great time to think about what you’d like to grow this year. A great resource is the ‘grow your own’ series of gardening guides on the Wyevale Garden Centres website, which provide in-depth advice on how to grow specific veg.

One thing you can do straight away is buy all of the seeds, bulbs, and tubers for the fruit and veg you’re planning on growing this year. They will happily keep until you need them, and it’s a good idea to buy them all in advance when the weather is too poor to get on with any other tasks.

Take the time this winter to make these preparations in your vegetable patch and you’re sure to have a much more relaxing return to the garden in spring.

** In collaboration with Wyevale Garden Centres **


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