Today We Have Mostly Been…….Planting Strawberry Towers!

Growing your own strawberries can be so much fun! They taste great and if you know where to start, growing Strawberries can be really easy.

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Growing your own strawberries

Strawberries, for me, are officially the fruit of an English summer. Nothing tastes better than sun ripened strawberries picked from your own garden.

We already have strawberry plants in their own little bed but wanted to have some planted in flower pots right outside the back door! I decided to use tower pots which are perfect for strawberries as it keeps the fruit off the ground to prevent rotting and you can fit in more plants in a smaller space.

So Bam Bam and I decided to take a visit to our local garden store and pick up some new strawberry plants and compost.

photo of child carrying a pack of strawberry plants


Keeping your plants watered is so important and tower pots can be hard to water all the way through. A good solution for this is to buy a piece of plastic piping and drill multiple holes through it. Place it in the middle of your pot and plant around it. When you water your plants, pour the water into the pipe and all your strawberries are watered, job done!

We managed to put 15 plants in each container, ideal for a good crop if you only have a balcony!

photo of child filling up strawberry tower pots with soil

This Strawberry Pavlova recipe is great to try when you start collecting your harvest. So get planting and create your very own strawberry tower. All you need is a tower pot, drilled plastic piping, multipurpose compost and some strawberry plants! A perfect little garden project for the weekend.

FAQ’s for Planting Strawberries in Containers

What month is best to plant strawberries?

The best time to plant strawberries is the spring.

What should I feed my strawberry plants?

Strawberry plants like potassium rich feeds, You can use the same one you feed to tomato plants.

When can I begin to harvest my strawberries

Weather dependent, strawberries are usually ready to begin picking in June. Try not to leave the ripe strawberries on the plants for too long, otherwise you might find that birds and bugs will get there first. Don’t forget if you have a glut, you can always make jam or freeze them.

How do I care for my strawberry containers over winter?

You can keep the plants in the container and bring it inside in a cool place such as a shed or garage to protect them from frost. Alternatively if you don’t have an indoor space, you can insulate the pot by wrapping it in bubble wrap, or a specifically designed fleece frost protector.

Should I cut my strawberry plants back in winter?

It’s a good idea to remove the dead foliage at the end of summer but they should not be cut right back.

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