Today We have mostly been…… Planting Potatoes!

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It’s finally spring! Yay!

For us, this means a good tidy up in the garden and the beginning of the year for our vegetable plot.

We use a raised bed design, which means low maintenance, easy access to each bed and better planning ability. It also means that, since the beds are deep, you are able to fit more into a smaller space!

Completely ideal for This Little Home’s Garden!

Planting your own potatoes in the garden

Potatoes get used for so many different recipes in our house and can be so versatile, I like to be sure we plant plenty of them so we get a big crop. I dedicate an entire bed to potatoes each year and also grow them in potato bags which are great for people who have even less space or only have perhaps a courtyard or even just a balcony!

If you are a regular visitor to the garden centre, you would have noticed that lots of different varieties of seed potatoes would have started showing up in the shops around the end of February.

Growing potatoes is a great way to start out with vegetable growing since they’re one of the easiest for beginners. Give the potato plants a bit of water, full sunshine and some feed and they will reward you with a good crop.

I particularly love harvest time, it’s like digging for delicious treasure! 

Equipment that you might need to get started

  • Seed Potatoes of your choice. You will usually find these in garden centres and sometimes DIY stores. You may even find them in some larger supermarkets that also stock plants and gardening equipment. 
  • A Robust Spade for digging your trenches.
  • Gardening Gloves. Always a good idea!
Decorative photograph of young child digging with a spade

Preparation of your plot

Dig your plot over, removing any large stones and breaking up the clumps of dirt and dig a trench. Place your seed potatoes with the eyes facing upwards a distance apart from each other (roughly 30 cm) If you are using potato bags, put two in a bag (or 3 if they are earlies).

Cover the potatoes with the earth and feed with manure or compost. Water them in and leave until the plants appear. This is when you need to “Earth them up”. Using the extra earth from your trenches, gradually place the earth up the haulms which will protect the growing tubers from frost and the sunlight – which will make them go green and inedible if exposed.

How to plant your own potatoes FAQ

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