If you are new to gardening and want to try growing something to eat from seed, then Beetroot is a great place to start. Here is my easy guide to growing your own beetroot.

You will find different varieties of Beetroot seeds at the garden centre but they are all grown in pretty much the same way. The corky seeds (which is actually a cluster of seeds) can be sown directly into the ground from mid spring.

example of beetroot seed in palm of hand

Prepare your seed bed by removing any lumps of earth and dig in some compost. Beetroot likes fertile, well draining soil.

Make a little trench and plant the seeds about 10cm apart. When the plants have grown a couple of cms high you need to thin them out to about 10cm apart again. Remove the weaker plants and allow the stronger ones to grow on.

If you don’t have much space, beetroot will also do well in pots. Just be sure to give them room to grow and water well.

fully grown beetroot plants

You can grow a plentiful supply of beetroot by planting new seeds every few weeks throughout the summer.

When harvest time comes, pull your beetroot up using a garden fork to loosen the soil if necessary. Twist off the leaves, do not cut them off, otherwise the juice will bleed out. The leaves are edible and are cooked in a similar way to spinach so there is no need to waste them.

Grow your Own Beetroot FAQ

How long does it take for Beetroot to grow?

You can begin harvesting around 7 weeks from sowing, but for larger plants, it is best to wait 12 weeks.

Can you grow beetroot in pots?

Yes you can, beetroot are good for smaller spaces, providing they are deep enough to allow the roots to grow down.

Why are my beetroot plants not thriving?

Beetroot needs a good amount of sunshine and water. Also, be sure to thin the seeds before they get too big. Overcrowded beetroot will not be able to form a large bulb.

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