Autumn Gardening To Do List

As the garden begins to go to sleep for the winter, it’s time to get down to those jobs which will make life much easier come the spring. I have prepared a little Autumn gardening to do list just for you.

We have donned our wellies this week and begun to tackle some jobs around the garden that were a little overdue.

Since we’ve had a mild autumn so far, the garden isn’t quite ready to go to sleep and our little annual plants are still fighting on and flowering. Although, the ground underfoot has begun to get a little squelchy and wet!

Autumn Gardening To Do List

What should I do in the garden in Autumn?

Let’s face it, there are always little jobs you can find to do in the garden. The list is endless, but at least you won’t get bored! I have made a little list of jobs that you can be getting busy with this month:

  • Collect the autumn leaves and put them into bags. Letting the leaves rot down will make some great compost for next year and it gives you something to do with all the leaves too!
  • Plant out autumn onion and garlic sets.
  • Tidy up your strawberry bed, remove the runners you don’t want otherwise these will tire the plant. Clear away the dead leaves.
  • Wrap your outdoor pipes with insulation before the frost arrives so they don’t freeze up.
  • Dig over your empty beds and vegetable plots, remove any old roots and weeds and spread some manure over the top to improve it’s condition over the winter.
  • Using a garden fork, spike your lawn to improve the aeriation and drainage over the winter. Apply an autumn feed to it.
  • Give the greenhouse a tidy and clean inside with disinfectant.
  • Move tender plants undercover to protect them from coming frosts.
Autumn Gardening To Do List

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