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So, where do we begin? I guess I will start by telling you how passionate I am about food. I just love to create recipes and then eat the results. Although, not before I have taken many photos of it to share with you of course. All the recipes and creations on this blog are tested and approved by many members of my own family, which means you won’t find anything here that isn’t totally delicious.

As a family, we currently reside in the UK but consist of a binational Anglo-Italian family. I take my foodie inspiration from many different cultures and create recipes based on the things I love, which I aim to bring to you in simple, easy to follow recipes that suit all the family, no matter where you are from.

When I am not “slaving away” over a stove, you will find me earning my green fingers out in the garden. We don’t have a lot of room outside in the big, wide world but we make the most of what we have got. We created our own little vegetable patch and we grow fruit too. You will find plenty of tips and ideas for the budding gardener in you and lots of projects and ideas to suit smaller spaces (and larger ones of course, if you’re lucky to have the space).

You can also find lots of tips and tricks for around the home too.

I am not sure I actually have anything that warrants being called “spare” time, but in those seconds, minutes and hours away from my busy life at home, I enjoy photography, kitesurfing, travelling and living every moment doing something interesting, because life isn’t to be wasted.

Do you have questions about recipes? Wanna work together? Feel free to write to me for all enquires!

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