Visiting A Country Show – Surrey County Show


What a lovely way to spend a bank holiday Monday. I love taking the kids to a country show and we are lucky to have quite a few in the South East throughout the summer. When these shows begin, you know that summer is just around the corner.


Spending the whole day outside in the spring sunshine, learning about animals and the countryside is such a memory building experience for families and a chance for us to share a lovely day together.


This show had everything! Bam Bam got to sit in a “Nee Naw” (That’s a fire engine for anyone who doesn’t understand toddler language!). We bought honey from the local beekeepers, held and stroked all different kinds of animals, bounced on the trampolines, saw some fun displays and competitions in the different arenas and enjoyed a homemade picnic on the grass.

Even Nugget, who has been feeling a little under the weather recently, loved his day.






Cue two very sleepy children that evening! Which makes a change from the usual two who cannot stand to go to sleep for fear of missing out on something…

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