This Little Life In Pictures

I wanted to start a new post every Friday depicting our past week in pictures. My new DSLR is fast becoming a rather heavy and permanent accessory around my neck. I love taking photos and illustrating our lives with them. I hope you enjoy!

Fred the Gull Enjoying Lunch

Meet Fred the Gull, he stops by our back door most days to feast on my kitchen failures and any leftovers we have. A very brazen bird (as most British seagulls are!) if there is no meal waiting, you will usually find him making his way indoors, ignoring Knicks and the cats to shout at you for forgetting he was there (yes this really happens!).

Strawberry Harvest

Our first proper strawberry harvest of the year! These are the ones that actually made it to the kitchen and were not eaten on site by Bam Bam! Don’t worry, we had enough for a Pavlova

Flake enjoying the sun

Flake enjoying some rays by the back door.

The newest Little Jockey Bam Bam

My very own little jockey! Bam Bam has been very vocal about his eagerness to ride ponies lately (no encouragement from me. I promise…..) So, during our visit to the South of England Show last weekend, I treated him to his first hat and body protector. He insisted on wearing this little get up for the rest of the day.

Our amazing win at the horse show

A big, big win! Bruce and I decided to make our showing debut and left exhausted but feeling extremely proud! One red rosette is every horse girl’s dream! But this was amazing!

Garden Seat

A quiet corner in the garden, just perfect for enjoying the sun!

What are the best moments from your week this week? Share in the comments below.

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