This Little Life In Pictures

I am back with our little life in pictures, documenting what we’ve all been up to lately.

We recently moved our little pony Twiggy to a stables closer to home and have made lots of new friends, including the feathered variety. Here is one little resident who has made herself very comfortable amongst our hay!


We ate burgers at an American diner whilst listening to the Beach Boys on the jukebox, although Nugget kept the ketchup closely guarded!

nugget sauce

We took a train ride to London to see Big Ben!

big ben

And popped by to visit the Queen!

buckingham palace

…..And the Cavalry!


Bam Bam enjoyed his very first lesson (not taught by me) and is now happily learning to hold the reins.

rafe riding lesson

What have you all been up to this week? Share your memories with me in the comments.


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