This Little Life In Pictures

So, we had all the Birthday craziness of last week and the inevitable and scary realisation that my little nugget is growing up so fast! I have no clue how a whole year has already passed since he was born….. I will be waving them both off to college before I know it!

With that thought in mind, I have a brilliant excuse to take more pictures, notice the little moments and generally be happy and enjoy spending as much time with them as I can.

I haven’t as of yet introduced the boy’s new friend…… MEET TWIGGY!!

Since Bam Bam is proving himself to be quite the dedicated little rider, I figured this little Shetland pony can share his riding experiences and be a little more the right size for him to groom and create special memories with. And, of course Nugget will soon be joining in too, I’m sure.

twiggy the shetland


Bam Bam thoroughly enjoying the rides at Paultons Park.

Bam Bam Ride


Our week isn’t complete without a walk together, although as you can see, I’m the one doing all of the walking at the moment (and setting myself up for a whole world of aching muscles!).

walking with nugget


A trip to the zoo!

zoo cat








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