This Little Life In Pictures

Welcome to Friday!!! Here’s a round up of my week in pictures.

Already a natural

I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of Bam Bam this week, his first pony ride was amazing! I was told in no uncertain terms that he was able to ride on his own without me holding onto his leg “Mummy Let Go!” I resigned myself to photographer at a distance. Here he is looking like a pro already!

nearly crawling

This little man is equally amazing! He’s almost on the move now…Just needs to work out how to coordinate his legs and arms and he’ll be off, when did this happen???!! When did he get so big!

Finding redcurrants

Now this might not look like anything amazing but trust me it is! I have been waiting for these little redcurrants to grow year after year! I resigned the redcurrant bush to an ornamental plant after it has failed to crop since I planted them and almost pulled them out last Autumn. The bush must have realised the threat since these showed up this week.

Coming 3rd and qualified

Another little win for the Giant and I, we have qualified for a county championship too! Lots of practice needed now!

Train ride

Isn’t life great when you can get this excited about a miniature train ride!

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