This Little Day……. Feeding Lambs!

Wow! What a day, it’s so sunny! I love days like today! Those days before summer has arrived, when the sun gives us a sneak preview of what we have to look forward to.

I wonder, would I love summer so much if it wasn’t so fleeting and unpredictable? Of course! I wouldn’t mind waking up every day to bright, beautiful, blue skies!


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Anyway, it was the perfect weather for a spring family day out. We decided on a trip to bottle feed the lambs at a local farm, which is nestled away between the coast and the countryside.


Nugget was his usual, cautious self, when confronted with a rather curious mummy sheep!

I have to add a photo of him smiling too, just so you can see that he isn’t always a frowner! so here you go:










 Feeding the animals, a picnic in the sun, bottle feeding the babies and a tractor ride. Total family bliss!

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