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Vegetable Soup

You know those days when you really don’t fancy doing a lot? With Nugget; who clearly feels life is just too exciting and would much rather be awake than asleep (I obviously love his zest for life but sometimes I just need to sleep!)  I’ve been having those sort of days quite a lot.

Soup is ideal for those days, it’s so simple and quick to make. You can also freeze it in soup bags to just pull out when you fancy some (great for those man-flu days too!).

Once you make your own soup, you’ll never want it out of a can again! Trust me, homemade soup is amazing!

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Today We have mostly been…… Planting Potatoes!

It’s finally spring! Yay!

For us, this means a good tidy up in the garden and the beginning of the year for our vegetable plot.

We use a raised bed design, which means low maintenance, easy access to each bed and better planning ability. It also means that, since the beds are deep, you are able to fit more into a smaller space!

Completely ideal for This Little Home’s Garden!

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