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This Little Life In Pictures

This week was a very special one. My little Nugget turned 1!

Now, how could I possibly dedicate this week to anything other than him. So here he is! My truly perfect little bundle of gorgeousness!

Nugget's Birthday

It’s the simple smiles like these, I treasure them.

Nugget's Birthday

When your days are just so tiring, from all the fun you’re having.

Nugget's Birthday

Sharing our little moments.

Nugget's Birthday

Trying new things.

Nugget's Birthday

And a best friend for life!

I love you little man! Happy Birthday xxx


Planting Tomatoes


Summer is really, nearly here! And we’re planting tomatoes in the greenhouse today.

I often daydream about having one of those huge polytunnels that you see at garden nurseries and growing rows and rows tomatoes inside. Maybe one day, who knows! But for now, we are sticking to the smaller space version and growing them in a grow bag.

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Today we have mostly been…….Planting Seeds!



Everything in our garden is slowly starting to bloom, I love this time of year! Our perennial plants are appearing again from the bare ground and the grass is growing thick and fast!

The strawberry plants are starting to bloom and fresh strawberries in June is one of the best treats from the garden!


Bam Bam, Nugget and I have been busy planting some seeds in the greenhouse.

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