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Preparing Your Vegetable Patch For Spring

Timing is the most important factor in a successful year in your vegetable patch. Everything must be done at the right time of the year, which unfortunately makes for a build-up of work over the spring and summer and time to spare during autumn and winter. To give yourself a more relaxing return to the …

7 Top Tips for Saving Money in the Garden

7 Top Tips for Saving Money in the Garden

It’s January and an important time to budget for the year ahead. If you don’t plan correctly, gardening can become costly.  Here are my top tips to help you save money when gardening.

Top 5 Annual Flowers

Top 5 Annual Flowers For Your Garden

The garden is pretty much in full bloom now, I love this time of year when everything is so colourful! If you have little spaces you want to fill with a burst of colour then annual flowers are just what you need! I have made a list of my top 5 annual flowers.

Top 5 Cottage Garden Plants for your garden

Top 5 Cottage Garden Perennials

I love cottage gardens. There’s real beauty in a garden that looks so natural and gives the impression it has existed forever. You can get away with a little untidiness in a cottage garden, no formal rows or specific designs are needed. Just a hodgepodge of beautiful plants in various colours, shapes and sizes all packed together in a flower border. If you only …

Planting Your Own Salads and Lettuces

Planting Your Own Salads and Lettuces

Today we have been busy planting salads in the Garden. If you get impatient with gardening and like to see some results quickly, try growing some salad! You can have a plate of freshly grown salad leaves in as little as 4 weeks! How great is that! Planting Salad leaves is so easy! And guess …