Sweet Chilli Salmon Fishcakes

I wanted to kick start this brand new week with a lovely new recipe, forget those boring, bland fishcakes you can buy from the freezer section of the supermarket and say hello to these delicious homemade alternatives. Combining salmon and sweet chilli, these are just great for a Monday Supper!



240g Salmon Fillets

500g Potatoes

4 Tbsp Sweet Chilli Sauce

2 Cups of Flour

1 Egg

50g Panko Breadcrumbs

Preheat your oven to 220 oc (200 oc fan assisted)


Peel and chop your potatoes. Place them in a pan and cover with water. Bring to the boil over a medium heat and keep them cooking whilst you prepare your salmon.


Squeeze a little lemon over each salmon fillet and wrap up each one Individually in a little foil parcel. Place on a tray and put in the oven for 20mins.


Once your salmon has cooked and your potatoes are soft. Drain the potatoes and mash up until they are smooth with a knob of butter and a splash of milk.

Remove the skin from the salmon and flake the fillet with a fork.


Mix the salmon and potatoes together (watch for little toddler fingers helping themselves, otherwise you’ll have none left!)


Pour in the chilli sauce and mix through.


Add the egg and mix through.


Add 2 Tbsp of the  flour and mix through.


Prepare to get a little messy making fishcakes!

This is where it can get a little messy. You need plenty of flour to make these. Cover your hands and the surfaces your using, in flour. Take a spoon and pile with the mixture. Place it in your hand and flatten it out by using both hands to pass it back and forth. Don’t worry too much about the shape as long as the thickness is the same throughout so it cooks evenly. Take some of your breadcrumbs and gently coat the fishcakes so they stick.


Heat some oil in a frying pan and place each fishcake in gently, cook on both sides for a couple of minutes until they are browned.


Serve with some extra chilli sauce and enjoy! Yum!


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