Potty Training No Need For Stress!


“Mummy I need a wee wee!”

Oh No! There is no toilet in sight and I have a desperate toddler! I begin to panic as my eyes dart around looking for the sign to point me in the right direction as we race towards it….!

I have to say I am actually so pleased to get to this point with Bam Bam, it hasn’t been easy and I very nearly resigned myself to the fact that he was still going to be in nappies at 18! I imagined him going on his first date still in nappies….

Half of the problem was down to the fact that Bam Bam had figured out toilet trips meant having to stop whatever it was that you were doing. This meant, fun activities or a tv program had to wait and this didn’t cut it for my very active, impatient son! Nope, nappies were just easier!

Friends of mine whose children were dry by 18 months stirred feelings of slight inadequacy inside me and I felt like I was doing something wrong. I bought Bam Bam a book all about potty training, we had a little toilet seat adapter, a potty, “Big Boy” pants…. everything! I would say “Hey, why don’t we use the toilet today?” His reply? “No Mummy not the toilet”.

There is so much pressure to get your children dry.

I began to regularly try and encourage him to use the toilet. Occasionally he would, purely for the novelty and the fact I had made up a “potty song” which I sang as a reward for a successful toilet trip, he loves praise! Other days, he would scream about me taking his nappy off. I would feel stressed and defeated as I put him in yet another nappy. He wasn’t ready for it.

I think it’s easy to forget just how different every toddler is and there isn’t a rush, each child will set their own pace for learning something new.

In the end, do you know what I did?! Nothing! I let Bam Bam decide the day he wanted to finally throw away the nappies and wear his “big boy” pants. I kept them in a little box in his drawer where he could see them and one day he asked me if he could wear them. That was it! He was dry in less than a week.

So all I would say if you are going through potty training is; don’t panic! For most children, if you leave it until they are ready, it will be a quick and relatively stress free experience, that is, until you can’t find the nearest toilet….!


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