This Little Life In Pictures

So, we had all the Birthday craziness of last week and the inevitable and scary realisation that my little nugget is growing up so fast! I have no clue how a whole year has already passed since he was born….. I will be waving them both off to college before I know it!

With that thought in mind, I have a brilliant excuse to take more pictures, notice the little moments and generally be happy and enjoy spending as much time with them as I can.

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This Little Life In Pictures

This week was a very special one. My little Nugget turned 1!

Now, how could I possibly dedicate this week to anything other than him. So here he is! My truly perfect little bundle of gorgeousness!

Nugget's Birthday

It’s the simple smiles like these, I treasure them.

Nugget's Birthday

When your days are just so tiring, from all the fun you’re having.

Nugget's Birthday

Sharing our little moments.

Nugget's Birthday

Trying new things.

Nugget's Birthday

And a best friend for life!

I love you little man! Happy Birthday xxx


This Little Life In Pictures

Everyone is back on the mend this week, we’ve all been poorly. Toddlers are unbelievably generous with their germs and just have to share. Suffice to say we haven’t been out on a lot of adventures this week but we did manage a few.

garden still blooming

I love that the garden is still in full bloom, even with being poorly we have still found time to stop and admire the flowers.

we have a crawler

We have a crawler, no more commando moves where nugget is dragging himself along on his belly. He has managed to figure it all out and is now fully mobile. Cue me desperately trying to keep things out of his reach, his favourite thing right now are cat biscuits!

bouncing high

Bam Bam enjoyed a day out at the fun fair, bouncing and fun galore!

Waving to planes at the airport

We visited the airport and said Hi to the planes.

trotting and jumping

A little show jumper in the making, Bam Bam has been desperate to jump with his favourite pony, so I have had to get my nerves in order and allow him. He even managed trotting this week (with my hand firmly gripped to his leg despite his protests over this!). I think he’s already riding better than me. Excuse the blurry picture, he was just going too fast!