Growing Fruit

Preparing Your Vegetable Patch For Spring

Timing is the most important factor in a successful year in your vegetable patch. Everything must be done at the right time of the year, which unfortunately makes for a build-up of work over the spring and summer and time to spare during autumn and winter. To give yourself a more relaxing return to the garden this year, here are our tips on how to prepare your allotment for spring. 

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Planning Your Vegetable and Fruit Patch For The Year

With the winter weather, there is only so much to enjoy out in the garden and to be honest, I would much rather be inside right now! I still want to feel like I am doing something positive for my little garden and this time of year is a great time to begin planning your growing season and deciding what to grow with a yearly planner.

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Today We Have Mostly Been…….Planting Strawberry Towers!

rafe strawberries 3

Strawberries, for me, are officially the fruit of an English summer. Nothing tastes better than sun ripened strawberries picked from your own garden.

We already have strawberry plants in their own little bed but wanted to have some planted in flower pots right outside the back door! I decided to use tower pots which are perfect for strawberries as it keeps the fruit off the ground to prevent rotting and you can fit in more plants in a smaller space.

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