• Fig Rolls

    Fig Rolls

    A little biscuit, created in ancient Egypt, that has stood the test of time. These fig rolls are delicious homemade and full of flavour.

  • growing a herb garden for beginners

    Growing a Herb Garden For Beginners

    When choosing herbs for your kitchen garden, plan ahead to make the most of your space. Knowing the optimum growing conditions and what you can use them for, should help you decide.

  • homemade party rings

    Homemade Party Rings Iced Biscuits

    A fun, nostalgic treat for the weekend, try making your own Party Rings.

  • knicks

    The Importance of Pest Control for Pets

    As the weather warms up you may feel it’s time to treat your pets for fleas and other pests, but did you know that pests now pose a year long problem? Here’s how to deal with those unwanted guests.

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